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Meet Our Team

At Forza1 we plan do everything as a team and that starts with how we define our coaching staff. At Forza1 our coaching staff is called Team Forza1 because it is together, as a team, that they will provide the strength and foundation for success. Our Directors and Coaches are passionate about volleyball and committed to the local community of players that is learning to both play and love the game.

TEAM FORZA1 is the foundation of our Volleyball Club. Along with players and families, our staff will be the strength of our program and we would like to introduce you to our Directors, Administrators and Coaches! Let's meet the team...

Club Director

Dana Burkholder

Director of Operations

Christina Pulver


Ardian Marina 

Director of Development & Relations

Kristina Marina 


Ardian and Kristina Marina are the Foundation of Forza1 Volleyball. They are passionate about sports and the positive impact they make on the lives of children, families and the community. Ardian was a college and professional soccer player and Kristina was a college and professional volleyball player. They have an incredible background that began in Albania and has taken them to Italy, Chicago and now California!

Welcome Mauro Marasciulo & Ana Mesquita to Forza1

We would like to officially welcome Mauro Marasciulo and his wife Ana Mesquita to Forza1! 

Mauro is an incredible addition to the Forza1 Staff and brings over 30 years  of professional coaching experience with him. Mauro joins us after head coaching the Peruvian National Team and Columbian National Team in South America. Mauro was hired for these prestigious positions after successfully coaching in the worlds best professional league in Italy for over 20 years. Mauro is joined by his wife and talented  coach Ana Mesquita who played and coached professionally in Italy. For more about Mauro and Ana read their bios!  

Forza1 Temecula Coaching Staff

Updated 2017-2018 Teams Assignments coming soon!

First Name Last Name Position Team Team Team
Jason Adams Coach 12 Under Armour HC 17 Under Armour AC 18 Under Armour AC
Jolene Burdick Coach 15 Elite Black HC    
Christy Burnett-Poia Coach 15 National HC Beach  
Kristin  Cook Coach 14 Local Gold HC    
Elizabeth Culhane Coach HS Local Silver    
Dick Deboer Coach 13 Local Black HC HS Local Black HC  
Holli Dougan Coach HS Local Red HC 16 Elite Black HC  
Courtney Doyle Coach 12 Local Black HC    
Iggy Gamboa Coach 14 Elite Black HC 14 Local Black HC  
Chrystal Gonnella Coach 16 Elite Red HC 17 National AC  
Sohrob Haajizadeh Coach 13 Local Black HC    
Renee Horton Coach 13 Under Armour HC    
Kendall Jacobson Coach HS Local Gold HC    
Bob Jensen Coach 18 National HC 18 Elite Boys HC  
Gale Johnson Coach 14 Under Armour HC 11 Elite HC  
Gretchen Johnson Coach 10 Local Black HC 12 Local Gold AC  
Thad Kintigh Coach 13 Elite Black HC    
Landi Koja Coach 14 Under Armour HC 17 National Boys HC 16 Elite Boys HC
Jorge Leos Coach 16 Elite Red Gold HC 18 National AC  
Sue  Lillie Coach 14 Local Red HC    
Ursula Little Coach 12 Local Red HC 17 National Boys AC  
Patrick Manning Coach 16 Under Armour AC    
Mauro Marasciulo Coach 17 Under Armour HC 16 Under Armour HC  
Kristina Marina Coach 17 Under Armour AC    
Tobi Melton Coach 11 Local HC    
Ana Lucia Mesquita Coach 12 National HC 16 Under Armour AC  
Heather  Miller Coach 13 Elite Red HC    
JD Miranda Coach 18 Elite HC 16 National HC  
Chris Nguyen  Youth Director 14 National HC 12 Local Gold HC 15 Under Armour AC
Si Page Coach 14 Elite Gold HC    
Kat Pierce Coach Classes    
Poyer  Poia Coach 14 Under Armour AC    
Sydney Prochnow Coach 15 Elite Silver HC    
Laikin  Ramirez Coach 11 Elite HC 15 Elite Gold HC 16 National AC
Ann Romero-Parks Coach 18 Under Armour AC    
Dak Sivertson Coach 15 Under Armour HC 17 National HC 12 Under Armour AC
Edward Taitano Boys Director 18 Natinal Boys HC 14 Elite Red HC  
Kayla Varney Coach 15 Elite Red HC 18 Elite Boys AC 18 National AC
Terra Varney Coach 15 Elite Red HC    

Forza1 East Coaching Staff

First Name Last Name Position Team Team Team
Joe Schnake East Director 17 Elite East HC 14 Elite East HC 12 Elite East AC
Cory Sumrall Coach 18 Elite East HC    
Jayme Palmer Coach 14 Local East HC    
Jay Palencia Coach 15 Elite East HC    
Kassie Sumrall Coach HS Local East HC 12 Elite HC