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Iggy & Mia Gamboa

Meet Iggy & Mia

Mia and Iggy are a dynamic coaching team that inspire their players to improve and love the game. In 2016/2017 Iggy coached a 14 Elite team and a 14 Local team that finished 12th in the Open division at Volleyfest. In 2015 they co-coached a 14 local team and filled their team with knowledge and passion for playing the game with both skill and a competitive spirit. Both also coach in the Forza 4 All Middle School league. 

Mia started playing volleyball in middle school and continued to play throughout high school. She then started coaching and spent three years coaching at Silverado High School level. She has coached at Rancho Bella Vista Recreation Center as well as Cobalt Middle School and simply loves the game and getting the opportunity to coach. 


Iggy grew up in Venezuela, South America and started playing volleyball at a young age. He also played in high school and for the United States Marine Team. Along the way, Iggy was fortunate to have the opportunity to play with and against members of the Venezuelan National Team. As a lifetime player, Iggy loves to share the spirit of the game with the teams he coaches.